In this difficult competitive environment, Research & Development and the subsequent adoption and implementation of innovations, have been extremely important in terms of value creation, creating a very positive impact on our national and international customers.

Our experience, using ionisation, in research and development of different solutions for treating contaminated water, such as waste water from olive oil production and waste water from cork production, led us to conclude that ionisation would be an excellent choice for treating only slightly contaminated water – such as in swimming pools.

We are also carrying out projects linked to treating domestic water with lime scale or iron problems.


This project ionisation project began in 1994-1995, and was later named HIDRION. It was the result of Research and Development work carried out by Portuguese engineers.

The system has a Portuguese patent (PT10175795) and a European patent (EP08123002B1).

Over the 15 years since it has existed, HIDRION’s technology has evolved, and now includes many innovations which have made it even more efficient.


System currently being developed which will treat hard water in the home. Prototypes have already been installed with very positive results.


Hybrid system currently being developed for use in swimming pools. In the test/prototype phase.