Hidrion Salt Chlorinator

You can now produce the necessary disinfectant to treat your pool !

Dive into a pure water that’s good for you !

  • Easy to use
  • Electrodes protected against hard water
  • Compatible with all types of surfaces
  • Simpler pool maintenance
  • Safe, protected system
  • The chlorine is produced and dissolved automatically in the water, allowing always a permanent disinfection
  • Integrated system for water treatment
  • Water always well treated and balanced
  • Drastic reduction of chemicals products
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Avoid the manipulation and transportation of heavy chemicals products
  • 24 month guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Technical support given by the manufacturer
  • Developed by the HIDRION R&D team
  • Developed and made in European community (Portugal)
  • Alarm with automatic cut-out if there is no water in the cell
  • Cell is protected if there is no salt
  • Intelligent system which detects if the pool is covered, and limits the disinfectant production
  • Without the undesirable pollutants of industrial chlorine

Once the system has been installed and the needed amount of salt (5kg/m3) has been dissolved in the water, the system is ready to be used. From now on, every time the pool pump starts, the HIDRION SALT system also begins to run.

By using an electrolysis process with salt water, the chlorine ions from the dissolved salt are oxidised and are combined to form chlorine gas that is immediately dissolved in the water.


This process provides a source of pure chlorine from salts dissolved in the water. The chlorine later carries out a powerful disinfectant action that neutralises micro-organisms and oxidises organic matter and other contaminating substances. Once the disinfectant cycle is complete, the chlorine returns to its original state as dissolved salt.


The salt electrolysis cell consists of 1 PVC container, 1 PVC lid, and 1 titanium electrodes kit. It should be installed in the pool piping system after the filter and heating system (if present). It should respect the direction of the water flow, and should always be set up in accordance with the following diagram:

The cell is designed to be glued to PVC pipes of 50mm diameter, taking care to only use gluing products and procedures suitable for this type of material.



[PDF Documents. You need to have Acrobat Reader installed to see this documents.]

Information sheet

Hidrion Sal operating manual

Electrode replacement guide

Flow switch installation guide

No. You have to add salt to the water, but at low concentration levels. Sea water has a salt concentration level of 35g/l, while HIDRION SALT works between levels of 3.0 to 5.0g/l. This concentration allow us to have brackish water, which is more pleasant for swimmers than sea water.
No. Absolutely not. You need always an electrolytic cell and an electrical switchboard in order to convert the NaCl into pure chlorine, free from unwanted contaminants
No. The reactions that take place do not cause the salt to be lost. It decomposes, carries out its action as a disinfectant, and is then regenerated. This explains the fact that salt concentration levels remain the same. A small quantity of salt will be lost when filters are cleaned, or following a heavy rainfall.
Salt should be always added to the shallowest part of the pool, after that turn on the pump so that the salt has been completely dissolved (around 24 hours). Always use regular salt (sodium chloride), without additives and which is suitable for human consumption.
Yes. However, this chlorine is produced locally from the salt added to the water, and does not have the disadvantages of “common chlorine”. It is more convenient than handling and using chemicals, as needed for pools treated with traditional chlorine
Yes, as the system is producing chlorine gas is at the same time also producing sodium hydroxide (pH +), this will increase the pH in the water. For this reason, and in order to have it automatized we recommend always an automatic pH controller
HIDRION SALT requires very little maintenance. It is necessary to ensure that the chemical properties of the water are controlled, including pH, alkalinity, water hardness and pH stabiliser (cyanuric acid). One of the advantages of HIDRION SALT is precisely the fact that it runs automatically according to the timer.
HIDRION SALT is compact and easy to install, it occupies a little space in the pool plumbing system and in the machine room. It is normal to take between 1 to 2 hours to install such an equipment
HIDRION SALT is a modern system with different alarm features designed to protect the safety of people and equipment.
HIDRION SALT has been developed by Portuguese engineers and is made in Portugal by Hidroswim, whose team is dedicated to developing this and other products for water treatment. Choosing HIDRION SALT is a guarantee for getting quick and professional technical assistance, whenever you need it.
The only treatment with which is incompatible is PHMB.  If it is your case, you have to renew the water.