HIDRION system is based on producing mostly copper ions, whose properties as a bactericide, algaecide and flocculant have been recognised since Roman times. It is a solution that drastically reduces the need for chemicals, and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Health and quality of life
  • The ioniser prevents breathing problems like asthma, and irritation of the skin, eyes or mucous membranes.
  • It also reduces the risk of cancer that is associated to the by-products of chlorine treatment.
  • Our ioniser needs only a copper content between 0.3 and 0.5 ppm that is far below the authorized copper level that the World Health Organisation recommends for drinking water (2.0 ppm).
  • The Environmental Protection Agency in USA classifies copper as Group D, not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity.

Articles related with Chlorine and Astma

  • The Ionization allows the drastic reduction of chlorine or other oxidants (bromine, active oxygen, etc.):
    • For private pools, till 95%, making the water much more pleasant. You will have much  less chlorine in your pool then in your shower!
    • For public pools, the chlorine reduction is between 60-70%, creating a very low level of combined chlorine, and therefore saving a lot of water
  • Return on investment, and only considering the chlorine savings, is  between 2 and 3 years for private pools and between 1 and 2 years for public pools. See payback examples here.
  • Low energy consumption, the same as a 7 watt light bulb.
  • Low cost for electrode replacement kits, the only consumable component. Electrode kits have an average lifespan of 2 years, and cost around 15% of the total price of the system.
Environmentally Friendly
  • Drastically reduces the use of chemical products, decreasing the use of chlorine by 95 %.
  • The water can be reused to water the garden.
Reliable and Safe
  • Tried and tested products, with almost 6.000 units already installed in different countries and climates
  • Drastically reduces the risks caused by transporting and handling dangerous chemical products
  • Fully automatic system: it runs at the same time as the pool pump, so you can leave the house, for long periods, without worrying.
  • You can finally save your time for using the pool
Guarantee and Technical Assistance

HIDRION has a 24 month guarantee against manufacture defects. Developed and manufactured in Portugal for more than 20 years, this is a guarantee of:

  • Efficient technical support
  • Constant availability of any component (consumables or replacement parts)
  • Fast deliveries to anywhere in the World
  • National network with more than 150 selling points including Madeira and Açores
  • HIDRION is protected by  a National Invention Patent and European Patent.
  • Can be used in any type of pool: new or old, public or private, covered or open air, salt or fresh water. We have systems for volumes starting in the smallest spa, up to the size of a water park. See Porfólio
  • Easy and quick to assemble. See diagram.

The HIDRION system uses electrolysis, which releases positive metal ions that destroy the cells of negatively charged pollutants, such as bacteria, fungi and algae in the water, leaving it pure and healthy.

Based on an empirically observed principle, from the Roman times, we have managed to improve a metal ionisation device, using an original and patented idea for an electrode arrangement. As well as making cleaning almost entirely unnecessary, it ensures the “ionic bombardment” of all the water that passes through the system, increasing the efficiency of the process.

To control de operation of the HIDRION system we chose to regulate the amount of copper in the water. The concentration of copper ions should be between 0.3 and 0.5ppm or mg/l, which corresponds to a concentration of less than a ¼ of the recommended level for drinking water. This concentration should be checked with the supplied free copper tests kit.

The installation is very easy and quick, and can be carried out by a technician in only 2 hours, independently if it is a new or a used pool. The HIDRION system is installed in the pool piping between the pump and the filter. The system runs automatically, being commanded by the same timer used for the pump.

In order to guarantee an effective filtration of the water, during the warmest months and periods of greatest pool usage, all the water must circulate through the filter at least twice a day. During the periods with less usage (and with colder water – winter), the water circulation can be reduced for 1- 2 hours per day.

For usage in private pools

ionização Hidrion instalacao piscina privada

For usage in public pools:
ionização Hidrion instalacao piscina publicaThe cells have to be installed in by pass, always done between the pump(s) and the filter(s).
The valve in the main section has to be slightly restricted, so that we oblige a small part of the flow to pass our cells. This water will collect the ions and will transport them into the pool.
Electrical diagram:

ionização Hidrion esquema electrico

It is a process that allows an element to win or loose electrons. Metal ionisation is an electrolytic release of metallic ions.
It is an atom or group of atoms carrying a positive or negative charge. An atom (without electric charge) has the same number of protons and electrons.
An ion is an atom with an electric charge as the result of having lost or gained one or more electrons.
A continuous variable, very low voltage electrical charge passes throughout the metal electrodes in the ionisation cell.
In order to make the current flow, the electrodes are grouped into 2 groups with opposite polarities (+ / -). Therefore, each electrode has always a “neighbour” with a different polarity from its own.
Our electric switchboard has a potentiometer that regulates the intensity of the current which passes through the electrodes. The higher the current, the more ions are released, and vice-versa.
Positive metal ions are released in the cell. These ions (positively charged) destroy contaminated organic matter (bacteria, algae and fungus) that are negatively charged.
Ionisation is completely safe:

  1. We recommend a copper content in swimming pool water of 0.3 to 0.5mg/l, which is far below the limits recommended by the World Health Organization for drinking water (2.0mg/l).
    The E.P.A. (Environment Protection Agency) has set 1.3 ppm as the maximum level. The Environmental Protection Agency in USA classifies copper as Group D, not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity.
  2. In terms of electricity, the connection to electrodes – the only point in contact with water – runs on direct current and a maximum of 24 Volts.
It produces top quality water like never seen before, without no smell or taste at a very low cost. Simplicity of operation with almost zero maintenance.
You will have superior water quality and you will no longer need to manage chemical products which can be extremely harmful to your health.
The set of electrodes has an operating life of 2 years (depending on the volume and usage of the swimming pool).
There are three ways of checking:

  1.  Looking inside the transparent ionisation containers and checking how much they have been used, by how thin they are (if they are as thin as a wire, they need replacing).
  2. By turning on the Hidrion electric switchboard potentiometer to its maximum. If there is no increase in the number of LEDs.
  3. For switchboards with a “Check Electrodes” warning LED, if the light is flashing, it is time to buy a new set of electrodes.
The new set of electrodes is supplied pre-assembled and you just have to take the following steps: Link to “Electrode replacement guide
Yes, with no problems whatsoever. We have already supplied several swimming pools with saltwater (from sea) and the system is working for some years without any problems.
No. Copper is an essential element for human body and has several properties:

  • Helps to effective iron absorption
  • It is essential for the use of vitamin C
  • Plays an important role in converting enzymes
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • Anti-Inflammatory and useful in some forms of arthritis (bracelets use)
  • Stimulates the immunity

Vitamin supplement pills often have quantities of copper equivalent to drinking 3 litres of water from your swimming pool!
The Environmental Protection Agency in USA classifies copper as Group D, not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity.

You only have to regularly check the pH, clean the bottom of the swimming pool and add a small quantity of oxidant (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.), and only once a month
  1. By checking the current intensity on the LEDs on the electrical switchboard.
  2. By checking the copper content in the water using the copper kit supplied.
If the copper content and pH level are within the established parameters, that will not happen.
All chemicals used in high concentration can stain swimming pools.
No, if you check (once every two weeks) the copper content in the water with the supplied testing kit. Hidrion has been running in several liner-made swimming pools (private and public) for some years now and no stain problems have been detected.
But if some satins appear, it is easy to remove by reducing temporarily the pH till 5.0 and wait 1 week. At the same time you have to renew a part of the water.
We try to avoid that problem by automatically inverting the electrodes’ polarity every 7.5 minutes, which makes wear more even.
Our system doesn’t affect pH levels. It is a completely neutral system. We recommend that the pH should be between 7.0 and 7.4.
No, HIDRION has a potentiometer that allows the control of copper production. It should be adjusted according to the pre-set number of working hours for your pump.
The number of working hours of the swimming pool pump is usually recommended by the technician in charge of the filtering system. Usually, all the swimming pool water goes through your filter at least twice a day during summer months.
Yes, you can! Our water treatment is completely harmless for your garden. The small amount of added oxides won’t damage your garden. It is below chlorine levels usually found in current pipe water (0.2mg/l chlorine).
Our system is very reliable, thanks to 20 years of experience.
If the system breaks down, however, you have a 24 month guarantee and Technical Assistance from the manufacturer.
Our system has an automatic device that changes the polarity of the electrodes every 7.5 minutes. One of the main objectives for this is to guarantee that polarities alternates systematically and to avoid the build up of calcium ions (positives) on the negative electrodes. When they are about to stick, the polarity changes and the calcium ions are released, to be caught in the sand filter and eliminated when the filters are cleaned.
If there are high levels of calcium and high pH, it may be necessary to unscrew the 4 screws and clean the electrodes. Cleaning can be carried out simply by rubbing the electrodes with a knife or by immersing the electrodes in hydrochloric acid, used to lower pH.
HIDRION needs only 7 W/h, meaning that for a whole year you will spend about €4 in energy.
Electrodes are another consumable which has to be replaced roughly every 2 years. The annual cost of a new set of electrodes is less than 15% of the initial cost of the system.
The installation is very easy and quick, and can be carried out by a technician in only 2 hours.
We have technicians all over the country who are able to install HIDRION. Please contact us.
The release of copper ions is continuous and automatic because its electrical switchboard is connected to the swimming pool pump switchboard, and both switchboards start simultaneously.
You will only need to periodically test the copper content and adjust the potentiometer when necessary.
Because HIDRION is connected to the pump, you only need to put a tablet of an oxidizing agent (chlorine, bromine, oxygen, etc.) inside the skimmer or in the compensation tank, without any problems.
In this type of situation, and if you have an automatic pool cleaner, we recommend you leave it on as it will extract all the dirt from the bottom of your swimming pool.
Yes, you can. Any of our distributors can do it for you. All you need to do is insert our ioniser in one of the pipes and connect it to the HIDRION electrical switchboard. HIDRION electrical switchboard remains the same.
No, but by using our system you won’t need to use large amounts of chlorine anymore.
Yes, you can! Because when our system is in use, the chlorine consumption is very low and you will only need to set the chlorine pump with a minimum flow.
Yes, certainly. There is no incompatibility if you install our system before the sand filter.
Because our system needs only small quantities of oxidising products, you should set your salt-based system to its minimum setting.
The metal ions have 2 good effects:

  1. It improves the sand filter efficiency due to its flocculation capacity.
  2. It increases the sand’s usable life. It usually needs to be replaced every 3 years, but will now last longer (disinfectant metal particles will be part of the sand)
The water treatment is mostly performed by the presence of ions in the pool itself. All the water is not obliged to pass through the cell. So we just need to slightly close the main valve and force a little flow to pass the cells.
Due to the shape of the container, the intention is that the water comes from the bottom and leaves de container through the side. That allows the best “self cleaning” process. In special cases (lack of space) where this execution is not possible, we can install it the other way around.
It is true that we have heard from some Hidrion customers who do not ever add chlorine to their pool. However, these are very special cases, since they have specific balanced water, and constant care and cleaning by the owners. They are generally people who do not often have to leave their home and so have more frequent cleaning routines.
It is important to note that the amount of chlorine we recommend with Hidrion is so low that it cannot be detected by most chlorine testing kits. We recommend this amount of chlorine because we need its oxidising effect for organic matter, in case of occasional, unpredictable situations such oil, fat or organic matter getting into the pool water.
In all ionisation systems, after a certain amount of use, and depending on the water’s characteristics, all kinds of oxides or deposits may form on the electrodes which do not affect the normal operation of the system. However, because of the eroding effect of the water, small particles may loose and be carried by the water current. If they find the pool filter on their way, they are caught there, and have the advantage of continuing to treat the water which passes through the filter. In some unavoidable cases where Hidrion could not be installed between the pump and the filter, we have occasionally had to install it after the filter.
The Hidrion cell can take a maximum pressure of 2.5 kg/cm2.